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My Patroness, my Maitresse de ma Tete, is Kali.

Ghosts cannot abide me. 

My power is the power to guide, to make boundaries, and to divide rightly. 

I proclaim DIVISION, I proclaim BOUNDARIES, I proclaim FIRE. 

I invoke my GODDESS,

who is no ‘mysterious one,’ (empty words from empty mouths),

She who is Queen above all the worlds, 

And whose fire lit the stars 

Long before an ape became a man, 

Long before a man became a tribe,

Long before a tribe became a village,

Long before a village became a town, 

Long before a town became a city,

Long before a city became a kingdom, 

She was, She was, She was, 

And the burning of Her worship is in the fire-heart

Of me. Oh heart, my Heart, 

How I yearn for a glimpse of Your bright steel. 

How I yearn for the touch of Your hand. 

How I yearn for Your glory of light,

And to dance with You, I who have never

danced with any other, 

I spin and turn and yearn 

For You. To You. 

Help me now, my Mother, my Sister, my Lover, my GODDESS,

Help me now to divide rightly, to use the blade well, 

to set fire to that which is waste and to burn,

to set boundaries against foolishness and emptiness,

to bring my fire, granted from You, back to Your fire

to reignite, to re-imagine, to renew. 

Mahakali, Mahakali, Mahakali,

Mother and Destroyer of all things and all worlds

in their time,

I renew and re-offer myself to You,

In the name of Fire and Sacrifice,

in the name of Love and Power,

in the name of Creation and Destruction,

in the name of Chaos

and in the name of Order,

I, even I, stand before You

and renew my Love before Love.



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